Types of Commercial Truck Insurance

Large, powerful trucks are responsible for transporting unwieldy loads such as gravel, mobile homes, and cumbersome machinery. Due to the size and weight of semi trucks and 18-wheelers, any accident involving these vehicles are often catastrophic. Additionally, damage to the cargo can be costly. Thus, it is important for commercial trucking companies to invest in auto insurance that covers these special needs of commercial trucks.

Just like personal auto insurance, there are several different levels of commercial insurance coverage. Depending on the use, routes, and cargo of the vehicles, commercial trucking fleets can choose different types and levels of coverage. The main types of commercial truck insurance include:

Primary liability. This is the general level of coverage trucks for trailers that state governments require. You can choose the coverage limit, which will be deducted from damage caused by you and your truck should you get in an accident. This includes personal injuries that people may suffer in an accident with you.

General liability. This type of coverage helps you if your truck is damaged through something other than a roadway accident, such as hail damage and vandalism. This is a good choice for drivers who are not always with their trucks.

Cargo insurance. You can be held liable for anything that happens to your load. Thus, if you carry expensive cargo, it can be important for you to get motor truck cargo insurance. This can help you with both lost and damaged freight.

Trailer interchange. Often, an 18-wheeler consists of two separate owned parts: the engine and driver’s compartment as well as the trailer. Sometimes, these two parts are not owned by the same company. Thus, if you are responsible for a trailer owned by another company, you may also be responsible for damage incurred while the item is in your possession. Trailer interchange coverage can help offset those costs.

Whether you drive a commercial truck or a private passenger vehicle, it is important for you to have the insurance coverage that you need. For an affordable auto insurance quote, please use our free comparison engine today.